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What problem have with chocolate bars? Yes, Yes, Yes, they are little you always want more. Here I offer you a chocolate bar in the form of cake, recipe taken from the magazine of Food network, production of: chocolate, and the author of the recipe Karen.

Ingredients for Bar

Step by step instruction of cooking Bar

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1. Add eggs, 3 tbsp milk, and vanilla. Beat with a mixer until smooth.

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2. To combine the sifted flour, baking powder, sugar and salt and with a mixer mix for 30 seconds. Add butter and 1/2 egg mass, whisk until smooth, add the remaining egg mixture and stir to combine.

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3. Rectangular form, 22cm x 12cm x 7cm, brush with oil, lay a paper and again grease with butter. Spread the dough on the form and align. Bake at 180 minutes 55-65.

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4. Remove the cake from the mold and when completely cooled, cut at the floors and give the shape of a rectangle.

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5. 85 g of chocolate to melt. Powdered sugar combine with 12 tablespoons of butter, whisk until smooth.

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6. Add the chocolate and whisk until smooth.

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7. You will have 2 halves of a biscuit, I have one because my family gobbled up the half without the filling. Each half of the cake to grease 1/2 of the cream, to align and create a rim around the edges.

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8. To combine condensed milk, peanuts, I added salt since my peanuts were not salted. Mix well.

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9. To put on cream within cream boards, to align. Send in the freezer for 30 minutes, I sent in the fridge for 2 hours, until the son to school went....

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10. Melt 285 g chocolate + 8 tbsp of butter. Pour on cake and refrigerate to harden chocolate, I need it faster and I put in the freezer for 8 minutes.

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It seems similar to a chocolate bar.

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Bon appetit.