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Marinated tomatoes halves

Marinated tomatoes halves

With these amazing tomatoes introduced me to the mother-in-law. No one who has tasted them is not indifferent. And even more, having tasted them, I stopped to close the regular tomatoes.

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Ingredients for Marinated tomatoes halves

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Marinated tomatoes halves

Step 1

To prepare the tomatoes. Wash, cut in halves.
Tomatoes is better to choose thick and meaty.

Step 2

Prepared banks. On the bottom of the clean liter cans put 3 small garlic cloves, mustard peas 2 tsp, allspice peas, 2 PCs., parsley.

Step 3

Put the tomatoes cuts down. To tomatoes subsided, it is necessary to slightly knock the jar on something soft. I use three mitts.

Step 4

Cook the marinade. To 1 liter of water you need
sugar 3 tbsp.
salt 1 tbsp.
vinegar 50 g
Bring to a boil.