Berlin casserole with meatballs

104 - 50 минут 6 порции

Delicious casserole with meatballs. Suitable for a quiet family dinner, and for lunch-dinner in the warm company of friends :)

Ingredients for Berlin casserole with meatballs

Step by step instruction of cooking Berlin casserole with meatballs

Шаг 1

Onion cut into cubes.
In minced meat add onion, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, mix well. Add salt to taste and black pepper powder.
To make the resulting minced small meatballs. In a frying pan in vegetable oil fry each side for 6 -7 minutes.
Form grease, put back potatoes, meatballs and tomatoes.
If the potatoes are small, you it whole, if large, I cut part 4.
Tomatoes sometimes use regular, not cherry, just cut into several slices.
To make the sauce: chopped green onion, mix it with sour cream, cream, eggs (4 pieces), add salt, black pepper and paprika. Mix well and pour over the potatoes, meatballs and tomatoes.

Шаг 2

Sprinkle everything with grated cheese and bake at 180 * for about 35 minutes.
Bon appetit!

PS Yes, the recipe for boiled potatoes, but I almost always put my raw, I have baked through. And if you cook, I think, until soft, and then will fall apart...