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Blueberry-rosemary cheesecake

Blueberry-rosemary cheesecake

Could not to share, despite the fact that cheesecakes on the website enough. Crazy taste - cheesy, with a slight sweetness of blueberry, sour lemon and rosemary with a touch of Foundation. Tried to make this dessert a little more budget and less calories, turned out or not - to judge you.

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Ingredients for Blueberry-rosemary cheesecake

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Blueberry-rosemary cheesecake

Step 1

To the basics most often take the biscuit. I did the same, but to slightly reduce the sweetness and calories of basis, one packet of biscuits "Jubilee", ground into crumbs, added 100 gr of breadcrumbs.

Step 2

Mix butter and rosemary crumb.

Step 3

The bottom of a split (!) form to lay a parchment, the walls it is also desirable to pave with parchment paper or greasy to grease SL. oil. This is done in order to keep the stuffing when baking not "climb" up and not cracked at the edges, trying to "otlepitsya" from the walls of the mold during cooling. From the parchment creamy layer comes away easily, and after the liberation from the form looks neat.
Pour the moist crumbs into the form, tamping. It is convenient to use a glass with flat, smooth bottom. Put in the oven for 15 minutes at 160 degrees.

Step 4

While preparing the Foundation prepare the creamy layer. For him I took two packages of "Philadelphia" 175 grams each, 100 grams fat 30% sour cream, 70 g of sugar and two eggs. Instead of sour cream you can add another pack of Philadelphia or mascarpone 100 g, or 100 g cream 30-35%. You can and cheese, but it is necessary carefully to wipe through a sieve. It is possible to double all the products, creamy layer becomes higher, the hip is wider and the wallet is thinner.))

So, Philadelphia and sour cream stir with a whisk or hooks mixer at low speed. Not to beat! Otherwise you will saturate the creamy layer of air, it you have ugly bulges in the oven and then fall off. Add sugar and eggs, stir again. I added the orange zest.

Step 5

Pour the creamy mass into shape, a little knock on the table to scroll around (air bubbles from these manipulations will be released) and put to bake at 150 degrees for 50 minutes. A bake cheesecake in a water bath. It is considered that as he becomes softer. If you decide on it, then the form must be wrapped with foil to keep water from getting through the cracks inside and put in a bowl of larger size, filled with BOILING water. The temperature in this case to increase to 160-170 degrees. To check whether it is time to remove the cheesecake from the oven just move the form, means it should have some sway, after the refrigerator, the cake will become denser. Will not overdo the dessert, it will become dry and may crack in the center!

Step 6

Put the cheese to cool in the fridge and enjoy the blueberry filling. Soak gelatin in water. In a saucepan with the blueberries, add sugar and put on medium heat. If the blueberries you have thick, slightly flatten it, so she let the juice. Heat, stirring a couple of minutes, add the lemon juice, heat minute and remove from heat. Pour the swollen gelatine, stir, wait until it dissolves.

Step 7

Do not rush to pour the cheese, make sure it is completely cooled and the filling started to thicken and then pour only the creamy layer. The finished cheesecake should Mature in the refrigerator for 5 hours, only then it can be cut.

Step 8

And so, after a night in the refrigerator, remove the form, the paper, spread on a beautiful dish and try - divine!
PS - Form - 21 cm
Sugar is low, the cheese turns maloletki. Sweet amount of sugar can easily increase.