Liquid shangi

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Baked today shangi who love us in Arkhangelsk. These shangi different from the usual that the dough is liquid, as for pancakes, because they are called liquid. The dough is poured into a low wide one of a kind in which it is baked. If the dough is too cool, shangi will be hard, if the liquid - it will settle after baking and will be flat. To taste the pastries are not sweet, but so delicious... don't Even know how to describe. Been looking for a good recipe in books, on the Internet about it such as baked in our village, no word, tried many recipes from friends. And here is the REAL recipe of the Archangel SZANIEC (so lovingly call them here). Now share the recipe with You!

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Here is a photo of one of a kind szaniec in comparison to molds for cupcake.They come in 2 kinds:metal and foil, the photo ones and others.