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Jam of peaches

Jam of peaches

That year cook peach jam - in the winter it seems to be a delicious delicacy! It's not candy, and pieces remain juicy. This is my own method is a hybrid of several recipes.

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Ingredients for Jam of peaches

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Jam of peaches

Step 1

The first thing you need to do an acidic solution of water and citric acid to pieces of peaches is not darkened and preserved form.
Then we need to rid the peaches from the skin - to problanshirovat in boiling water half a minute and immediately put it in cold water. The skin easily comes off, but if that happens, you just need to cut it with a knife, as with potatoes.

Step 2

To my joy in the neighboring shop brought crisp, not overripe peaches. What you need! But useful for any almost green, and a well-ripe. You just need to adjust the amount of sugar. About overripe will not tell - hardly, it is better just fun to eat.

Step 3

Purified from fruit skins, cut into arbitrary slices and immediately drop into a citric acid solution.

Step 4

Prepare syrup. For him to not immediately take all the sugar, and half the weight of peaches. I had a 1200 g peeled fruit, meaning that we need 600 grams of sugar. The water is about 1/6 of the sugar. Add spices to your taste (you can also vanilla, star anise). Cook!

Step 5

Cook until cooked. Readiness I measure by eye (volume Uvarov almost a third), but there are old-fashioned way - a frozen drop on the plate, dry the droplet on the paper... Spice pull out (the ones that manage to catch))). Pour into sterilized jars.

Step 6

Turn. In this form the jam cools.

Step 7

Output 1.2 liters beautiful, fragrant, delicious jam!
Good luck to all the blanks and delicious.