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Quick pita strudel with pear

Quick pita strudel with pear

Tasty, juicy and very quick to prepare.

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings10

Ingredients for Quick pita strudel with pear

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Quick pita strudel with pear

Step 1

My pears prepare food for the strudel as it is necessary to prepare very quickly, everything should be at hand.

Step 2

Pears to clean.

Step 3

Nuts pour over boiling water.

Step 4

Pears cut into small pieces, sprinkle with 2.5 tablespoon of sugar, add the orange essence a few drops, or finely chopped orange zest, mix well.

Step 5

Nuts finely chop and add to the pears. I, unfortunately, forgot to do it.

Step 6

Egg lightly beat with the remaining sugar.

Step 7

Pita to put on the working surface of the table, fluff the egg mixture.

Step 8

Oil quickly RUB on a grater and evenly sprinkle them over the pita. Then sprinkle fresh crumbs.

Step 9

A thin layer spread the filling, leaving an empty region.