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Affectionate bastard

Affectionate bastard

Rabbit baked in the sleeve with creamy spicy sauce. The festive variant of the rabbit. Usually rabbit stewed in sour cream. I wanted something not quite standard. While I was cooking in my head constantly "played " song "I'm a chocolate Bunny, I affectionate bastard ". So-called. Convenience dishes that the rabbit can be marinated for a couple of days before the holiday, put in the fridge. And then just have to bake and make the sauce. Well, it turns out SOOO delicious. I would even say that it is quite a food dish with expensive taste. My husband and I live savored every bite.

Cooking time- Number of servings4

Ingredients for Affectionate bastard

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Affectionate bastard

Step 1

Legs (legs) and rabbit front paws to wash, dry. If you want to cook the rest of the parts - not forbidden ;)
Make a marinade.
Onions (3-4 large heads) clean, added 4 large cloves of garlic and grind in the processor, to obtain a paste. If you have no processor, just finely, finely chop.

Step 2

If you really really want a holiday, add another glass of brandy, in order to saturate the taste.

Step 3

Now in a bowl add our mush of onion and garlic. I generally like to marinate the meat in the onion. Very magic meat. Stir. Smell - awesome!

Step 4

Now put the package in a roasting pan and send to marinate in the fridge. As I have already explained above, the rabbit needs to marinate not less than a day. If in a hurry - make the night. I have by coincidence, stood a half day in the refrigerator (2 times a day need to flip). I think it taste just won.

Step 5

Chili sauce take such a plan, as in the photo. They are usually sour-spicy-sweet. You can have other firms, but the meaning is clear. If you do not have black sesame (sesame), you can use regular white. Just before these fry it on dry pan before plating. Provencal herbs and spices - to your taste. I love how cream goes well with nutmeg.

Step 6

So, on a dry pan fry 2 tablespoons of flour.

Step 7

Herbs - parsley or dill (then the taste will be different) finely chop. I used the processor. Add the finely sliced garlic.

Step 8

Then pour the flour into a saucepan, add a pint of cream, stir, to avoid lumps (use a good blender) and heat. Add salt to taste. Add the finely chopped greens, chili sauce, sesame seeds and other spices, stir and simmer for 5 minutes without bringing to a full boil and stirring constantly.

Step 9

The sauce tastes better if it sits an hour. Therefore, it is better to do it early, while fried rabbit. It will just cool down. Well, the sauce is delicious. Any meat will do. I finished it with a spoon, spoons... Ah!

Step 10

So, our rabbit is ready, the apartment was filled with divine aromas, take out the roasting pan, cut the sleeve.

Step 11

Lay the rabbit on a plate, pour the juice from the sleeve.

Step 12

Top add our delicious sauce. Here is a gentle scum we have left.