Apple caramel "Kurd"

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In the midst of Apple season, I suggest you to prepare a delicious Apple cream. The cream is prepared by analogy with the lemon curd (Lemon curd), but instead of lemon juice, Apple plus new caramel notes. The taste of Apple-caramel, light sour cream is perfect for pancakes, Aladushkin, ice cream, or a filling in cakes, donuts, muffins, in General, on your discretion.

Ingredients for Apple caramel "Kurd"

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple caramel "Kurd"

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First prepare the Apple juice. The apples I took sour. If not have a juicer, you can twist the apples in a meat grinder or chop in a blender, then place the mass in a gauze or cloth and much press (here men power will be very useful!)

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Now prepare a "dry" caramel sugar pour into a saucepan, put on the fire and wait until it melts and acquires a caramel taste.

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Remove the caramel from heat, add to the butter and stir intensively. If the caramel will take lumps, nothing - then all will dissolve!

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Unfortunately, the photo further steps are missing, the batteries died in the camera...
But then everything is very simple.
1. Eggs slightly to shake up, add lemon and Apple juice. If the apples are sweet, more lemon juice, if sour - less.
2. Add the juice mixture and eggs to the caramel, bring to the boil, reduce the flame and cook on low heat until thick.
Then the cream to cool and use as anyone!
Here I want to add a small digression. When I tried the hot cream, the taste I was a little disappointed. Sweet, delicious, but not quite worth the effort. I transferred the cream into a jar and put in the refrigerator. The next morning I decided to try again, and lo! Felt Apple, and caramel, and light sour cream was frozen and was a nice consistency! In General, very much! So I recommend the cream to hold a little bit in the fridge, and then approach it with a big spoon ;-)