Smoked chicken

74 - 120 минут -

Thought that stagnated my smoker and decided to smoke the chicken.

Ingredients for Smoked chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Smoked chicken

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Buy a chicken of any size, wash it pretty thoroughly sprinkle with salt (inside and outside), pepper, who he loves, and at the end pour the soy sauce, then again-who as likes.

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Send overnight in the refrigerator.

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Before Smoking quite profusely chicken lard and garlic and pour over the juice of half a lemon (for flavor). The smoker I have purchased a water tap, ie you can smoke hot Smoking on the stove in the apartment, all the smoke goes to the hood. Smoked on alder sawdust and add some cherry twigs. Alder about 1-1. 5 handfuls. Smoking, depending on the size of the chicken about 1-1. 5 on the fire below average.

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So delicious and sooooo flavorful!