Paté of red beans

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In the Caucasus I love beans, and different dishes with it weight. This pate is quite popular in Armenian cuisine. He is gentle, fragrant and very tasty!

Ingredients for Paté of red beans

Step by step instruction of cooking Paté of red beans

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As for the recipe need red beans, I took my favorite KIDNEY from "Mistral". By the way, in composition the proteins of the beans are similar to proteins of meat and absorbed by the body by 75%. Therefore, the dishes of beans hearty and healthy!

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In a deep bowl put the cooled beans (without broth, the broth does not pour!), oil, Khmeli-suneli, garlic and chopped nuts.

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Break the blender to puree state.

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Add salt, spices to taste, dilute with broth and again Buriram smooth and delicate homogeneity.

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Serve as a pate for a snack. Very tasty!
Bon appetit to you and your family!