Cocktail coffee layered "Black cat"

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So named because the use of liquor "Black cat"

Ingredients for Cocktail coffee layered "Black cat"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cocktail coffee layered "Black cat"

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Coffee and whisk the milk into foam. I made coffee with the coffee machine, the milk is churned by steam. Heated to 60-70 With milk can also be whipped using a French press or halo.

At the bottom of the glasses put a scoop of ice cream.

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Pour ice cream condensed milk so that it is evenly coated scoop of ice cream, leaving no gaps.

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Carefully, spoonful by spoonful (I used a cocktail, with a long handle), pour a layer of coffee liqueur is about the thickness of a finger.

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So clean (the spoon) pour the whipped milk. A bit of foam reserved (about 1 tablespoon per glass), it is useful to us.

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Now gently, thin stream (for example, with the Turks or gravy boat) and pour very hot (boiling water) coffee. It will be obvious that coffee will split the milk into two parts: the lower part of it will mix, and the foam will loosen.

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The remaining milk foam put on top of the glasses, "retouching" inconsistent. Serve immediately.

If you have a cocktail spoon, tasting, you will determine that different layers of the cocktails have a different temperature (so the glasses have to be thick-walled). Also suitable metal tube.