Verrini on potato straw

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If there is no potato fries, you can cook a very thin French fries.

Ingredients for Verrini on potato straw

Step by step instruction of cooking Verrini on potato straw

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What we need

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Make the dressing: finely chop the greens, slightly press it with a potato masher or pestle. Pour vegetable oil, add the mustard seed, soy sauce.

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Add the squeezed lime juice, a little wine. Mix well.

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At the bottom of werenow put the potato strips.

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On top of marinated mushrooms.

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Cut the pickled wild garlic, put layer. Instead of garlic you can use pickled capers, karnishony.

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Finely chop in verrine celery with herbs.

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Tomatoes are exempt from the seminal fluid, finely chop, put in verrini.

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Sprinkle it slices of Parmesan cheese.

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Sprinkle with pine nuts or sesame seed, garnish with raspberries and mint leaves.