"Stray birds" with Tuscan mashed beans

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Autumn. Weather has not worked. Hunt failed. But guests already on the game called... Well, what the hostess had to deal with unexpected situations? Each has its own secret, their own craftiness. There are and Italian Housewives. "bird Flew" ("Uccelletti scappati") is fairly common in almost all of Italy dish, with many variations. In ancient times, small birds were prepared in a similar way. It is believed that it as a result of one of the unsuccessful hunts one of the chefs had invented this recipe. Puree of white beans with a soft texture perfectly suited as a side dish. Delicate texture and rich taste will not leave indifferent fans of beans. I want to bring to your attention one of the traditional dishes in my interpretation.

Ingredients for "Stray birds" with Tuscan mashed beans

Step by step instruction of cooking "Stray birds" with Tuscan mashed beans

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For this recipe we need white kidney beans of production "Mistral". Its delicate creamy flavor is perfect for mashed potatoes. Thank you friendship and mail - and I have the beans "Mistral".
Cook beans according to instructions on the package. For this purpose it is necessary to soak it in sufficient water, after a few hours to replace water for fresh and boil the beans until tender.

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Meanwhile, cut the meat into thin slices triangular in shape, slightly press knife. Season with salt and pepper. On the wider to add a bit of bacon and wrap into a roll. Then each roll wrap a strip of smoked bacon.
You can take pork or veal. In any case it is better to use a clipping or soft layers of meat, like the pork chop.

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String received "birds", rolls on wooden skewers, alternating them with sage leaves.

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Fry both sides in a skillet over medium heat.

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Add a few sprigs of thyme, white wine, and simmer until tender.

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Meanwhile, our beans are ready.
Drain the liquid and blend the beans, adding the warm milk and grated cheese, season with salt to taste. To achieve the characteristic soft texture is best to use a blender or RUB beans through a sieve.

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The leaves of rosemary (you will need only the very young leaves without branches!) finely chop and add to mashed potatoes.

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Put mashed beans in a La carte dishes and reheat in the oven for 3-4 minutes. This helps to emphasize the aroma and taste of rosemary. Add the skewers with "birds". Decorate with sprigs of rosemary, sage and thyme. Serve immediately.

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Bon appetit!