A side dish of rice "Little secret"

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All fans of rice I want to offer a version of the recipe.

Ingredients for A side dish of rice "Little secret"

Step by step instruction of cooking A side dish of rice "Little secret"

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To prepare the garnish, I took a pic of the trademark "Mistral-Indica", white long grain.
Peel the garlic and prepare the right amount of oil.

Meanwhile, put it on the stove a pot of water for boiling rice.

Шаг 2

And start cooking our rice for cooking: wash 2-3 times in cold water. Is no longer required.

Шаг 3

As soon as the water boils, add rice, add immediately the garlic and butter and cook to a full boil-off liquid, about 20 minutes.

Шаг 4

Prepared parsley

Шаг 5

Here and ready our rice. Mix it with parsley.
The rice is very fragrant due to the garlic and so glossy from the oil. And besides, very tasty! It can be eaten by itself or with any meat. I had the meatballs.

Bon appetit!