Bulgarian casserole with rice, Turkey, cheese and yogurt

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Very unusual and tasty casserole with rice, cheese and Turkey, covered with beaten yogurt. Spicy and hearty, very tasty and unusual. I found this gorgeous recipe on the website of the Bulgarian cuisine and so decided to share. The casserole turned out very tender and delicious, it is clear that the Bulgarians know a lot about good food. Typical for the Bulgarian cuisine is the use of sour milk, curd, cheese and cheese kashkaval (sheep's cheese) for the preparation of cold appetizers, soups and main dishes. Bulgarian cooks using cheese in food are often subjected to heat treatment. But combined and baked with rice Mistral Indica Gold Turkey, cheese gives piquancy, and the dish just melts in your mouth.

for 8th of Marchfor 23rd of February

Ingredients for Bulgarian casserole with rice, Turkey, cheese and yogurt

Step by step instruction of cooking Bulgarian casserole with rice, Turkey, cheese and yogurt

Шаг 1

Take half a Cup of rice Mistral Indica Gold

Шаг 2

Boil it according to the instructions, along with a Bay leaf,
the rice is very loose and not digested.

Шаг 3

Prepare the bread, garlic, onion and chopped Turkey breast or chicken

Шаг 4

Fry bread slices in olive oil with chopped garlic until Golden brown

Шаг 5

Onion, sliced Turkey breast and carrots, saute in the pan for 10 minutes. Mix the rice with onions and carrots, and the meat will leave the top layer of the casserole.

Шаг 6

In a baking dish greased with olive oil, stacked layers: first the toasted bread with garlic, sunflower seeds

Шаг 7

Then rice with onions and rice and sunflower seeds, top with Turkey meat or chicken.

Шаг 8

Sprinkle grated cheese, feta or cottage cheese and evenly pour the yogurt, whipped with egg.
(Half a Cup of yogurt and whisk with an egg)

Шаг 9

Bake for 40 minutes in the oven

Шаг 10

Sprinkle with sunflower seeds and herbs and serve with a glass of red wine. Help yourself!

A wonderful and delicate flavor, and at the same time, spicy and peppery.