Cucumbers in Korean

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About this recipe here. But each family has their own, so offer to watch my recipe. A wonderful snack food suitable to garnish and vodka... Guests love it!!!

Ingredients for Cucumbers in Korean

Step by step instruction of cooking Cucumbers in Korean

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Small cucumbers cut back. Everything that we cut, shredded, rubbed, put in a large bowl. Mix well. This also added salt, sugar, vinegar, ground black pepper - 1.5 h lodges. and 5 pieces of Bay leaf.

Again mix well and leave for 5-8h aces to quasits (stirring occasionally). I is always 8 hours.

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Then all this yummy spread on banks and put in sterilized (1 l banks - 10-15 min; 0,5 l cans - 8-10 min.)

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If after 8 hours no one put his hand over the pickle, then the output will have 8 liters! Try! Very tasty!