Rolls for dinner, frozen

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Never thought to cook a prebaked bread and freeze them. There is bread, there is free time - "Time cook" - thought I... was going to the store for bread. But if you use this recipe, it is hot, fragrant and crusty rolls are always placed on your table for dinner... and not only! The author of this recipe is ain.

Ingredients for Rolls for dinner, frozen

Step by step instruction of cooking Rolls for dinner, frozen

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After you produce kneading, put the dough in the bowl, cover it with a wrap or towel, leave for proofing for 1-1. 5 hours.
After proofing punch down the dough and divide into 20-24 pieces. From each roll into a long sausage and tie a knot.

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Then the right side of sausage to rise up and fill inside of the knot, and the left side to tuck under the bun, to the center. If you have enough length, you can stretch the edge of the harness in the center of the flower will appear in the middle

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Here are cute "Dulce" happened. This part of the rolls I put in the tray from the refrigerating chamber, where it is common to keep the ice cubes in the molds, covered with foil and put in the freezer. Once the rolls are frozen (about an hour), I moved them in the bag and tightly tying it, again sent in the freezer.

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A few rolls put on a baking tray, covered with a towel, gave a time for 10 minutes and baked at 190 degrees.
Hot buns then smeared with melted butter.

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Eight rolls put in a baking pan, covered with foil and sent in the fridge. As you know, the longer suitable dough, the tastier pastries. So if you have time, the dough should be put in a warm place, you can put in the fridge for 3 hours or overnight. I have a muffin stood in the refrigerator for a day. The next day I got them, left on the table for half an hour and sent in the oven. It turned out not worse, than the previous one.

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Heated the oven to 190 degrees, bake for about 15 minutes. And again, smeared them with oil. Yay! And these muffins turned out great air.

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Like that. Now I shall specially allocate an hour of time to procure semi-finished rolls for freezing, well, I really liked the result! Imagine how useful this recipe for working women!