Meat Solyanka

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This is my version, not the classic!

Ingredients for Meat Solyanka

Step by step instruction of cooking Meat Solyanka

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Starts with soup. Bone and meat put in a pot. The heart and lungs in another. Cook them separately. Of course, bring to the boil and carefully remove the foam. An hour and a half from the moment of boiling and broth and heart and lungs are ready. Left out the pan of bones from the smoked brisket, bacon, sausage.

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Bone brisket dipped in the broth for half an hour before it is ready. Take out all the meat and cut into long wedges. Bones with all the meat removed, respectively. The bones give the neighbor's dog. Chicken bones and hryaschik native cat. In a separate Cup, cut into thin strips lungs and heart, broth from under them I don't use. Turns out the "specific" Cup of different sorts of cooked meat.

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Meat returned to the broth. And takes up almost a third of the pan. There two or three peeled potatoes, cut into 4 -6 pieces. Cook until cooked potatoes.

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By this time, had to be done here. Bacon cut into small pieces and in a hot pan vytaplivaete to greaves. Remove the rinds with a spoon and in the fat fry 2 large onions, cut into small cubes. When the onions gain a Golden color, add chopped 2 tomatoes. Allow the tomatoes to release their juice and put salt, dried dill, celery, Basil, sweet red pepper, Bay leaf. 10 minutes simmer the onion-tomato mass with spices. Add to the pan cut the heart and lungs. They taste very neutral, but because we need to let them soak up the sauce with spices. Seven minutes added to this mixture cut thin strips of pickles. Put together the mushrooms and frozen vegetables.

Шаг 5

Add chopped dill and parsley. 5 -7 minutes and the whole mass goes into the broth. The potatoes in the broth by this point should already be ready. Throw the chopped sausage. Bring to a boil and switch off the pan.

Шаг 6

Maslinka cut thin rings. If you want, you can put lemon without skin, sliced in 1 /4 slices. When applying the lemon and olives are placed on the surface of the soup. Per serving – 3 to 4 maslinka and 1 slice of lemon.

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At the end I throw 2 -3 prong of garlic and pungent small pepper, but it's for the thrill.