Grouse fried

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In September, offers hunting for grouse. The bird is small, but very tasty, and the hunt for her athletic and exciting. In cooking a grouse special secrets.

Ingredients for Grouse fried

Step by step instruction of cooking Grouse fried

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Adipate grouse, hazel grouse osipyants very easy, disembowel, rinse the giblets, you can leave, they are also delicious. Salt to taste, add black pepper, lightly drizzle with lemon juice. Grouse has no taste and smell absolutely identical to the chicken. Cut in half along the back and place on hot pan drizzled with vegetable oil.

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Fry from both sides; like the chicken and the cooking time is the same. To eat grouse should immediately, after cooling it becomes hard and dry. Garnish will suit any. Bon appetit!