Roasted peppers, frozen in winter

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Many Housewives freeze peppers for the winter fresh. I said many years harvested peppers, how to teach my aunt from Ukraine. It occupies less space than fresh-frozen, it has no thin upper films, and it turns out it's so fragrant! This pepper You with great success can use when cooking soups, borscht, pizza, vegetable and meat pies, main dishes, salads, etc.

Ingredients for Roasted peppers, frozen in winter

Step by step instruction of cooking Roasted peppers, frozen in winter

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Peppers wash, remove the stalk and seeds.

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Coat the baking pan with sheet of parchment, he laid the pepper.

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Bake peppers in the preheated oven at 220 degrees for 30-40 minutes (cooking time depends on the type and size of peppers). You can bake the peppers in the "grill" to a small darkening of skin.

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Then turn off the oven, allow it to cool down the peppers about 30-40 minutes. Peppers can be folded into a package to cool. Remove the vegetables with a thin top film.

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Put the peppers on the trays (if the pepper is completely cooled, the trays stacked in the package and tightly fasten) or a thin layer in a plastic bag. Now you can buy disposable containers, they are also convenient to freeze this chili for the winter, just choose a small volume and height, and pepper put a thin layer. In this case, the frozen peppers will be easy to break off. The resulting juice I spread over the trays. Put the peppers in the freezer.
This pepper can be used in cooking, as in thawed and frozen, for example, during preparation of soups and borscht. Hope You like pepper, frozen for this recipe!