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Frozen tomato soup

Frozen tomato soup

In the heat of summer, this soup is very refreshing and will please you. Regardless of the temperature outside, this dish will serve as a great snack with alcohol drinks consumed, without diluting with water.

Cooking time 180 minutes Number of servings1

Ingredients for Frozen tomato soup

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Frozen tomato soup

Step 1

In a bowl put the chopped curly carrots and greens, with a thick flat slice carrot put on the bottom, it will stand top form during freezing.

Step 2

Put in the form of smaller size and that it floated in the water, put it in a bag of cereal. Gently pour ice cold water and put in freezer to freeze.

Step 3

When the bowl is frozen, take it out, and send in the freezer while I prepare the soup.

Step 4

Placed in a freezer, but make sure that the mixture very quickly kristallizuetsya, so you can pour in a metal container and stir with a fork every 10 minutes to an hour the soup will be ready and may be stored in this form indefinitely a couple of months for sure you will be able to impress your guests.

Step 5

It looks like the mixture is ready, it is loose and silky, and not icy. Probably because of the thick juice. Bon appetit! Enjoy the hot summer!