Chocolate cheesecake with prunes from Michelle

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Prunes Mocha Cheesecake. Fans of cheesecake, sweet tooth and just curious! Today I will show you an amazing dessert - a smooth chocolate, with light coffee bitterness and a layer of prunes. Cheesecakes have long been successfully frozen, they are perfectly stored in the freezer up to six months. If you ever come with self-baked confection, then you know how hard it is to bring it in safely. Frozen cheesecake to deliver at a much simpler, also for the travel time it can thaw a bit, and you'll just have to cut him to pieces. But if your plans do not include anyone to buy this delicacy and cheese you cooked only for myself, then, before freezing, cut it into segments. And every tea party will be a celebration with kusochi delicate chocolate-coffee pleasure!

Ingredients for Chocolate cheesecake with prunes from Michelle

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate cheesecake with prunes from Michelle

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Add cocoa, coconut (I improvised, so this tatty) and melted SL. oil. Mix and spread on bottom of a split form (20-21 cm), pressing with a spoon to the bottom. Bake for 5-8 mins at 170 degrees.

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For the filling I used here is a cream cheese. It is on sale and in bulk. This cheese is a frequent guest in stores, but if you find it failed - use Philadelphia, Almette, the President or Cream-Bonjour. Can fat sour cream to put in cheesecloth and hung overnight, the excess serum is removed, it will thicken and you can use sour cream in the filling instead of cream cheese.

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Mix with a mixer on low speed the cream cheese with pureed through a sieve cottage cheese and sugar, add melted chocolate. Stir with a mixer for long, otherwise saturate cheesecake air, and when baking it can go cracks.

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Add coffee (if granules are large, crush them into powder), eggs, and again at low speed, mix the cheese mass. Sprinkle in flour and stir one last time. Try the filling - it is not too sweet, so at this point, you can customize it to your taste and add the sugar.

Шаг 5

On the cooled cake put the prunes and cut in halves.

Шаг 6

Pour cheese filling, smooth, sharply scroll several times around its axis, and then 3-4 times heavily knock on the table. These manipulations will condense cheesecake and will not let him ugly to swell or crack during baking.

Bake the cheesecake at 160 degrees for 40-45 minutes. The middle after baking have a little wobble, then it hardens. The picture shows the cake before and after baking. Swipe a thin knife along the walls of cheesecake, in the process of cooling it always settles a bit, and if you do not, on the surface at the edge will appear small cracks.

Шаг 7

Let the cheesecake cool completely at room temperature, then wrap the film or foil (you can optionally put in a bag and tie tightly so that the cheese does not absorb odors) and refrigerate for 6 hours, at least.

If you decide to freeze cheese, after 6 hours of cooling in the refrigerator free the freezer, put the form with the cheesecake on the bottom (that it is not deformed, should be placed on a flat surface), cover the cheese with dostojnoj to the products that you will be putting from the top, not damage the delicate tip of the dessert and sprinkle the other products that were stored in your camera. The cheesecake can be forgotten in six months. Provided that T your freezer no higher than -18 degrees.

Шаг 8

Now was the cheesecake exactly to cut and decorate. I just sprinkled cocoa and put coffee beans. To cut cheesecake have a hot dry knife. Heated the knife under running water, wiped dry, cut, washed the blade. Again heated, etc. Only in this case, the incision is perfect and the cheese filling will not stick to the knife blade.

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For example, these two pieces I want to show you how to freeze cheesecake portion. Wrap them with foil and put in the container and close the lid. Of course, to decorate a cheesecake should be only after a full defrost