Pasta homemade egg quick cooking

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The most delicious and delicate pasta of course, homemade. But with the pace of modern life don't always have time to knead the dough, roll out and cut homemade noodles. How can that be, if, in the rush hour family certainly requires fresh homemade pasta? Of course, you need to prepare it in advance and not drying, and freeze for future use! Frozen fresh pasta at any time becomes in the hands of a skilled mistress in a rich dish all in a matter of minutes, thanks to pre-made pieces!

Ingredients for Pasta homemade egg quick cooking

Step by step instruction of cooking Pasta homemade egg quick cooking

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Liberally sprinkled with flour, roll out one half to a thickness of 1 mm. the Dough is very obedient, soft and pliable, roll it without any difficulty.

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Then cut the resulting pancake in half, each half sprinkle with flour.

Шаг 3

Turn in a Loose roll.

Шаг 4

And cut with a sharp knife so.

Шаг 5

So much dlinnenkie noodles I got from one of the halves of the bun.

Шаг 6

Roll out as thinly second half of dough, cut it into wide strips, fold them on each other, a good sprinkling of flour.

Шаг 7

And cut the noodles shorter. This way I like more.

Шаг 8

So many little noodles turned out.

Шаг 9

On the long noodles, I put to dry on a baking sheet. In General, if you want to get the dried noodles, it needs to dry at least a day in a well-ventilated, dry room. But I like not dried and fresh noodles, it is more gentle.

Шаг 10

Short noodles I put in a plastic container and freeze. Fold her, like sprinkling, in any case not utrambovyvaya.

Шаг 11

In the end, at the right time You get with fresh noodles. Your only job is to boil it, and no worries about pre mixing the dough and rolling. By the way, dried pasta is cooked 10 min, fresh frozen - 6, fresh, just cooked - about 5 minutes.

Шаг 12

In the capacity to sift the flour (if no time, I did not sow), to do in it a funnel, to pour the yolks, add salt and saffron.

Шаг 13

Knead the dough, gradually pouring water. It is very convenient to do it in a mixer with a dough - hands clean efficiently and quickly. Gradually add the oil.

Шаг 14

Should get here the elastic bun. With the mixer I kneaded from power for 5 minutes.

Шаг 15

Cover it with a plastic bag and allow to rest for 30-40 minutes at room temperature.

Шаг 16

Then sprinkle work surface with flour, lay out our bun and cut it in half for ease of rolling.