Honey cake with custard and prunes

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There are similar recipes on the site, maybe someone will be useful this recipe. The cake is very delicious!

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Ingredients for Honey cake with custard and prunes

Step by step instruction of cooking Honey cake with custard and prunes

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1 egg whipped with 1 Cup sugar. Add honey, milk, soda. Mix thoroughly with electric mixer until smooth. To put the mass on a water bath and heat until the sugar is dissolved, stirring constantly. Add 50 ml of oil and heat the mass to increase in volume, continuing to stir.

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Then remove mixture from heat and gradually add 2 cups of flour. Mix the dough until smooth and slightly cool it. Flour to fill the table, put the dough and knead with your hands (flour, much as you like). Divide the dough into 5 equal parts. To form them into balls and roll out each into a round formation. (For a circle use Cisco).

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2 mix the eggs with a mixer with 1 Cup sugar and 3 tablespoons flour. Add milk and again mix everything carefully. Put on low heat and cook the cream until thick, continuing to stir constantly until it boils. Remove the cream from heat and add 50 g of butter. Mix thoroughly with electric mixer until smooth.

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The pan lightly sprinkle with flour, put a layer of dough and place it in a preheated 270 C oven. Bake the cakes 1 min. until Golden brown. Similarly bake the remaining cakes.

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From carefully trim them with a sharp knife in the shape of a cap. Cooled cakes out onto a plate, allow to cool and carefully lubricated each chilled custard. On top of the cream sprinkle with chopped dried plums (prunes pour boiling water! and then cut).

Cutting cakes grind into crumbs and sprinkle sides of cake. Decorate the top with chocolate or with fondant! Place the finished cake in the fridge for a few hours.

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Cake with fondant, double portion!