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Two rolls for the holiday

Two rolls for the holiday

Don't know about you, but I prefer home-cooked meats like on the holiday table, and everyday! I suggest you make two meatloaf that is cooked for a long time, and I love my family and friends. They are good because they can be frozen as at the stage of semi-finished and finished form, which comes in handy during holiday time, when, and with time tight, and the oven runs non-stop.

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Ingredients for Two rolls for the holiday

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Two rolls for the holiday

Step 1

First you need to prepare the meat, which is bought in one piece.

Step 2

With a sharp knife, make an incision approximately 1 cm in thickness.

Step 3

And, gradually undercutting, we begin to access the meat.

Step 4

Was this formation.

Step 5

Cut it into two parts.

Step 6

Every part slightly to beat off, to smooth the seam and smooth out the rough spots.

Step 7

Season with salt and pepper.

Step 8

Filling 1: Roll with mushrooms.
Mix cooked mushrooms with green onions 3 tbsp, protein, 2 tbsp parsley and cheese. If necessary, lightly salt and pepper

Step 9

Build the stuffing across the surface of the meat, slightly retreating from the edges.

Step 10

Gently twist the roll with tucked inside the sides.

Step 11

How to put the roll in the net? for this I use a 1,5 l plastic bottle of water. Cut off the bottom and gently put into the cavity of the bottle, greased, meat.

Step 12

Then gradually from the neck of the bottle to pull the net.

Step 13

When the bottle is fully in mesh with side bottom tie knot.

Step 14

Pull the neck of the bottle and the meat is first to the ball in the net.

Step 15

Filling 2. Roll pressed.
To prepare forcemeat, to mix it with green onions 3 tbsp 1 cloves garlic, passed through the press, parsley 2 tablespoons, salt and pepper.
Place in center of flattened meat with the groove and push the sausage.

Step 16

Twist a roll, with tucked inside the sides.
You can stab roll the special pins for meat, you floss, you can tie with string.

Step 17

Here such I got two rolls. You can freeze them at this stage, coat with vegetable oil odourless, wrap in parchment and place in a food bag or container with a lid that is used for freezing - on her painted snowflake. Place the rolls in the freezer.
Shelf life up to 30 days.
Before baking to thaw on the middle shelf of the refrigerator.

Step 18

Line a baking sheet baking paper and brush with oil.
Bake in pre-heated to 190-200"With the oven, turning and basting segregated juice.

Step 19

Cooking time depends on your oven, thickness of meat repulsed and its quality (fat content and age of the animal), it took me about 90 minutes.
Readiness check the roll, stabbing it into the thickest part with a knife and lightly pressed in place. The resulting juice should be completely transparent.

Step 20

With roll with mushrooms to remove the mesh, to prevent it from sticking.
Cooling rolls at room temperature.
Roll with a stuffing to put on 5-6 hours under the yoke, to get the roll pressed.
Ready rolls to lubricate liberated in the roasting sauce and wrap in parchment, place in container with lid or food packages. Shelf life not more than two weeks. Defrost on the middle shelf of the refrigerator.

Step 21


Step 22

A slice with mushrooms.

Step 23

Roll pressed.