Mushrooms and their frozen

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One of the secrets of fast cooking for me - freezing mushrooms. This year was rich in mushrooms, and I was able to make a procurement freeze fresh and roasted wild mushrooms. If someone this recipe will be useful I will be very glad.

Ingredients for Mushrooms and their frozen

Step by step instruction of cooking Mushrooms and their frozen

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The amount of mushrooms I took are approximate, so to speak, for the proportions, because this year we gathered in the woods a lot more than 10 kg of mushrooms.
So, we collected boletus, white and aspen. Most oil, they flaunt in this photo.
Before harvesting, the mushrooms must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. In order to easily remove fungi, especially of oil, adhering to forest debris, they need to soak in a large container of salt. I soaked 2 buckets, plastic baby bath (she already is), in cold water, adding salt at the rate of 1 bucket of mushrooms 1 Cup of salt. Time longer all you need to soak the mushrooms (at least 3 hours, I sometimes left for the night), white and aspen just need to thoroughly rinse and clean the legs from the top rough layer. Soaked mushrooms, rinse under running water and then decide what to do with them.

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My options are. The easiest to freeze entirely. For this kind of freezing, I took the smallest mushrooms-maslaki to add them tselenkim for beauty in the soup, sauce or gravy. Also they can be frozen, cut in half and cook like fresh pasta sauce.

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The next option is to freeze fried sliced mushrooms. In this way I freeze fried large pieces of white and aspen.
Mushrooms to cut, fry in vegetable oil with salt to evaporation of moisture and education the delicate crust, cool. Lay on plastic bags and freeze. If You plan to use sautéed mushrooms in the next few days, you can put them in jars, cover and store in the refrigerator for 7 days. Sauteed mushrooms can also be added to soups, gravies, stuffing for pies, fry them very tasty potatoes and apply others need for You.

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What about mushrooms, perhaps, and all my secrets are freezing. Sometimes I make the cabbage stuffed with mushrooms for pies and freeze it too. This greatly reduces the time if you need to quickly bake a cake.