Walnut-pumpkin tart

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I love Italy, its culture, architecture, music, but most importantly, I love Italian Food. In my house constantly live pasta, pizza, lasagna, tiramisu, Caprese salad and many other dishes. But I am always looking for new, interesting recipe. My classmate lives in the North of Italy, near Mantua. She and her husband have a house and garden in which they grow incredibly delicious pumpkin, which is cooked a pie. I could not pass up a new international recipe and repeated it in the kitchen. The result – a delicious, crumbly, slightly salty crust and tender souffle of pumpkin with spices. Try it and you will not remain indifferent...

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Ingredients for Walnut-pumpkin tart

Step by step instruction of cooking Walnut-pumpkin tart

Шаг 1

We need a small piece of pumpkin.

Шаг 2

We cut it into several pieces and put into a steamer for 20 minutes.
Turn on the oven at 180 degrees.

Шаг 3

Walnuts put in a blender and grind until crumbs.

Шаг 4

To the nuts add the flour, salt, brown sugar and mix well.

Шаг 5

Cold butter cut into chunks and add to the dough.
Add yolk and 2 tablespoons cold water.

Шаг 6

Knead the dough and roll into a ball.

Шаг 7

Form for baking grease with butter. Put into it the dough, flatten and put into the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Шаг 8

Prepare the sauce: in a blender put steam the pumpkin and chop

Шаг 9

Add the sugar and cream.

Шаг 10

Add 2 eggs, starch and vanilla essence.
Finishing touch – ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, vanilla sugar and nutmeg.

Шаг 11

On the dough put the pieces of walnut.

Шаг 12

Pour pumpkin pie filling and send in the oven for 45-55 minutes.
The pie comes out at a time when the region will seize, and the middle will still wobble.

Шаг 13

We liked the pie warm and cold. It really is a magical, autumnal taste that will help You even at home to do a little gastronomic journey in delightful Italy.

Шаг 14

In the context of the photo was not great, but add that was visible texture of a souffle.