Two ideas out of the refrigerator for one children's party

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Express recipe original, beautiful and tasty desserts for a children's party. One of them will easily replace the ice cream and the second is candy. By the way, with the preparation of these desserts are easy to handle and the hero of the occasion!

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Ingredients for Two ideas out of the refrigerator for one children's party

Step by step instruction of cooking Two ideas out of the refrigerator for one children's party

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A variety of decorative sprinkles and decorations, small candy canes, M&M, nuts, poppy seeds, and of all that you can still tell fantasy.
You will also need skewers (cocktail or kebab), colored plastic straws and colored disposable spoon.

Шаг 2

Fruit large grapes, pears, persimmons (strong), kiwi (it is better to take ripe, otherwise it will be very sweet), the photo is still not enough bananas. Very nice and tasty it would be with strawberries, but unfortunately, she had already departed.

Шаг 3

The fruit is cut into fairly thick slices, to see deeply into each slice stick, skewer or straw, lay a Board with parchment paper and place the fruit on paper. Send in the freezer for at least an hour.
After fruit is frozen, melt the chocolate, white and black, to get the fruit and dip them in the chocolate. Kiwi freeze I did not, as an experiment, I decided to dip it fresh. And as a result has suffered a complete fiasco - kiwi flew off of the ugly sticks and plopped into the chocolate.
Draw conclusions - pre-freezing required!

Шаг 4

Get the fruit out of the freezer, dip in chocolate and decorate with sprinkles, beads, powders. Cover with glazed fruit wrap and store in the freezer, where they will be stored until the hour H.
Attention! Fruit melt very quickly, so I advise you not to get them in advance, and to hand in the hand of every child. 10 minutes the kids will be enough to eat the slice, but do not count on more.
PS. Best behaved persimmon, banana and grapes. Kiwi flowed faster than all but the majority did survive. The pear was tasty though, but too big and kept sliding off the sticks. None of the fruit your taste after freezing is not lost.

Шаг 5

And now the second dessert. Spoon had previously put in the freezer for half an hour, this is to ensure that the chocolate they were grabbed faster and decoration did not sink and did not budge until you will be able to transport it in the freezer.
Spoon set horizontally, if necessary, to put the cuttings stand from scrap materials.
Melt both kinds of chocolate and gently pour it into each scoop. Decorate the same as what adorned the fruit. Remove in the freezer so the chocolate quickly grasped, but keep it optional, although it is possible. Once the chocolate is set, spoon can be put in a glass and transfer to the refrigerator. In the same glass of chocolate spoons can be served on the table, it will be great!

Шаг 6

This version of the dessert my daughter liked more, as she turned the spoon in foil and took it to school to entertain friends. For them the holiday has already begun!