Mustard wholegrain

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That's how I fell in love with the mustard and smear it now on everything that comes their way. The base recipe on which you can create according to Your taste.

Ingredients for Mustard wholegrain

Step by step instruction of cooking Mustard wholegrain

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First of all, I want to note that the mustard should be prepared and stored in a glass container.
Combine grain mustard. In General, you can use only yellow mustard seeds (dark can be hard to find), but the dark grains are more flavorful and have a very spicy flavor. Perfect ratio of light and dark beans 50/50. Although You can vary that ratio according to your taste.

Pour grain Apple cider vinegar of 5%. For a more sour taste you can use wine vinegar 6%. On the contrary, for a less sour taste, you can use a lighter vinegar.
The proportion of mustard seeds and vinegar in a volume of 1:1.

Add beer (any, to taste), you can take wine, brandy or just water (not hot, hot will kill the flavor). Beer is very tasty! :)

Stir, cover the container with film and leave at least 8 hours at room temperature.

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Mustard seeds are swollen and have absorbed almost all the liquid.

We put them in a processor, add the brown sugar to balance the acid of the vinegar - to taste 3-5 tablespoons. You can add honey to get a more sweet version of mustard for Turkey sandwiches - 1/2 Cup.

Grind everything to desired consistency, 1-2 minutes. A portion of the grain is cracked, crushed, part of it remains intact. Obtained pasty mass. If it is too thick, add a little water (not to get carried away, add 1 tsp and mix well).

At this point you can try and add sugar to taste and lemon juice. But we must remember that immediately after cooking the mustard has a slightly bitter taste, it is necessary to stand up to "ripen" in a few days.

Put the mustard into a glass container, close and put on a few days in the fridge. Or you can leave the first day at room temperature (if there are no perishable ingredients), because a little cold slows down the fermentation process.

This is the basic version, it can be adjusted according to your taste by adding mustard, herbs, spices, dried fruits, sweeteners, nuts, etc., so on.

Store mustard in the refrigerator for one month.