Curd-lemon souffle

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Sorbet or soufflé for the sweet tooth))) This version of the dessert that is always with you) a Freshly prepared souffle maddening tenderness and flavor. The option of freezing in the end gives the opportunity to enjoy a creamy lemon sorbet.

Ingredients for Curd-lemon souffle

Step by step instruction of cooking Curd-lemon souffle

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This is a pretty simple way to cook from dessert at least products that can give maximum enjoyment with the taste and texture. And the best part is that to stock up on dessert so at least for a couple of weeks - prepared, portioned, frozen, and the holiday is always with you!

Getting down to business. We need cottage cheese - fresh, delicious, as natural as possible. The best option is to make a cream cheese yourself. On the website, in the Internet there are many ways of making ricotta at home.
The simplest way is to freeze the yogurt - sour cream directly in the package (fat choose to your taste, a higher percentage will result in greater fat content of the cream), thawed at room temperature on a multi-layer folded gauze. The whey will drain, and you will have always available the most tender and delicious cream

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Beat at low speed with a mixer chilled whites until thick, then add to them the yolks and gradually add the powdered sugar.

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Approximately three steps to add to the airy egg mixture to the cream and continue whisking on low speed. In last turn put on the taste of the lemon zest.

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While our soufflé is gaining strength and is growing in the oven, finely grate dark chocolate. I gave a few of such boxes. Because of the large percentage of cocoa content to eat it just like that, maybe just a big fan)
But in cooking, it behaves great, highly recommend)
Gently sprinkle with marshmallows, grated chocolate and return to the oven for another 10 minutes