The chicken Patty according to GOST "Made in USSR"

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In our time, a chicken cutlet will surprise few people :). Only on our website so many of these recipes posted!!! I have the most in the notebooks of many variations of cooking these cutlets. But most often I cook them without a recipe, mixed it quickly, stuffing, bread, added something fried and voila! Ready. But I never was completely satisfied with the taste. Patty and Patty. And then I wanted to go back to find old recipes. They are, in principle, nothing particularly from our modern and no different, it's only in the proportions and in the composition of meat. But it is precisely such "little things" is the recipe. In my opinion, this is the perfect recipe of chicken cutlets. Juicy, with a crispy crust and creamy taste. Very delicate and of course tasty. Recipe from "Cooking" issue of 1959.

Ingredients for The chicken Patty according to GOST "Made in USSR"

Step by step instruction of cooking The chicken Patty according to GOST "Made in USSR"

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With chicken flesh cut away all the excess bone and fat, cut into pieces and rotate twice through a meat grinder with a large grille (forget about blenders, it needs a grinder).
With bread cut off crust and soak in milk.

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Knead by hand, the bread in the milk until smooth porridge, pour all into the dish with the chicken stuffing. All mix well and again skip through Mincer. Then add salt and softened butter (but not melted!). Once again good to knead and put into the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, blend the bread crusts in the blender into crumbs and mix with the breadcrumbs.
To form cutlets, roll in breadcrumbs.