Mini envelopes with cheese

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From the remnants of the "Khrushchev dough" cooked a delicious eateries envelopes with cheese.

Ingredients for Mini envelopes with cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Mini envelopes with cheese

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Detailed recipe for dough (with photos) can be viewed here

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Roll the dough thickness of 0.5-0.7 cm, cut out circles.Each slice grease ketchup, put the ball of grated cheese.

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To take the edge of the envelope.
PS From sad experience it was found that to keep open the middle of not! (cheese still tends to leak:( )

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Lubricate the surface of the envelope with beaten egg, sprinkle with seeds, or any spices (optional).
bake in preheated to 200g. the oven 20-25minutes.

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A great snack to beer.
Bon appetit!

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