Enchiladas with meat and cheese

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The name of this dish I heard on TV in one of the shows on the discovery channel. The main character is so appetizing ate and talked about this dish that I could not resist. I went online to read what it's for Zver such "Enchilada". Enchiladas are a traditional dish of Mexican cuisine. Enchilada is a thin flatbread (tortilla) made of corn flour, which is wrapped in the filling. The filling is most often meat (usually from chicken meat), but can consist of eggs or vegetables. Rolled enchiladas are fried in a pan or baked in sauce (and sometimes cheese) in the oven (Wikipedia). After reviewing many recipes, I settled on this. As for me, this is the best option.

Ingredients for Enchiladas with meat and cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Enchiladas with meat and cheese

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Chicken breast finely cut and fry in vegetable oil until almost cooked.

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After adding salt, pepper and chopped hot pepper. The number of hot peppers to use according to your taste. To bring to readiness.

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These are the cakes I used.

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Now collect enchilada.
Take a tortilla (the tortilla). Put the cheese filling, the top layer of chicken and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Шаг 5

Roll the tortilla into a roll, put on baking tray.
The same with all the tortillas.

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Put into the oven at t=170-180 gr. for about 20 minutes. Or until Golden brown. But do not overdo.

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Enchilada is ready take out and serve. It is best hot.

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Here it is in context.