Cool blonde

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Thinking about how to help us, modern housewife, our "silent" helpers in the kitchen... Oh, how to aid! What a lot of need. - achievements "science and technology" for our kitchens! Some very necessary, some so-so, and some -: the decor... But that without which can not do - so it's cold without our friend! It's not just WHITE ICEBERG! Well, the fridge... It's so cold, but I love it! And to think do not can - without it... not only that saves and extends the life of many foods and dishes... So he is still great and makes our lives easier! That's why my decision to submit THIS recipe! It really makes life easier for us!

Ingredients for Cool blonde

Step by step instruction of cooking Cool blonde

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In a jar put the portions of grated horseradish, not allowing him to run out of steam in the air: that is rubbed 1-2 tablespoons, mixed with a little water in a jar.

The mass should resemble a thick paste, so add water gradually.

When you RUB as much horseradish as you need and add to the grated mass a little more water to the consistency of thick porridge and sweeten and salt to taste.

You can reduce the amount of water, add lemon juice and a little zest.
Harvesting should not be watery, but really like a thick porridge!

*** Before serving store in a jar with a lid in the fridge!

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Before serving: "traditionally" each tablespoon worthless blank diluted dessert spoon of sour cream.
You already have...
But you can diversify our horseradish sauce, adding grated Apple, boiled beets, cranberries, tomatoes, herbs... whatever you want, in the end! We have a democracy or not? - still, Yes, democracy!

*** I made a horseradish sauce for my pork chops "Autumn marathon" (with pumpkin, very diet, but very tasty!) - came like a fist to the eye!

Prepared: mixed harvesting horseradish with sour cream (take the crème fraîche is a thick cream - 30% fat) and added ready cranberry jelly and a little lemon juice. Naturally - juice and cranberry taste!

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Shot everything in a blender until smooth. Fffse! Ready! It is possible to enjoy.

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The advantages of this method of storage:

1. It is not necessary to process all of the crop "at once";
2. The root is stored for a long period of time without losing its properties;
3. Recycle can be portioned as needed;
4. When cooking does not deliver the "normal" trouble, because in frozen form it does not emit so "reactive" your volatile - that is to say almost never "placem" in the treatment;
5. Always fresh the sauce is not settled for months!

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Hope that is useful to someone my experience and... To help you and us by Our Friend Cold!

*** By the way, in the same way, store and use fresh ginger! Just lovely - kept long without losing its properties, rubbed in frozen form is much easier than in cheese.