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"Wrong" strawberry Turkish delight

"Wrong" strawberry Turkish delight

Nothing to do with those that are on the website. No boiling, no starch! The recipe is very easy to prepare! Dessert turns out tender, flavorful, very very tasty!!!

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Ingredients for "Wrong" strawberry Turkish delight

Step-by-step instruction of cooking "Wrong" strawberry Turkish delight

Step 1

Maybe it is the time when you can use zamorozhenye blanks? Then get out of the freezer and chopped in the blender the strawberries and defrost!

Step 2

In strawberry mass add gelatin, give him a little bit to swell, 30-40 minutes.

Step 3

Then add 120 grams of powdered sugar and lemon juice (here, if the strawberries with sugar or preserved, powdered sugar add less, and instead of lemon you can add lemon acid on the tip part lie.) Thoroughly mix all and heat over low heat until dissolved gelatin.
ATTENTION, in any case not boil!

Step 4

The mixture remove from heat and let cool completely. Then the mass beat with a mixer 5-6 minutes. The mass must become more dense and bright.

Step 5

Take any shape, cover it with baking paper or, in my case, a food film. Pour in the form of our strawberry mass, level and put in the fridge for 5-6h aces for the pour! As for me, I would add a little more gelatin.

Step 6

Frozen strawberry Turkish delight get from the form, sprinkle with powdered sugar, cut into cubes and enjoy a mouth-watering dessert! Eat! Delicious!