Chocolate cake

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Very tasty chocolate cake. Tastes like cake "Potatoes". Cooked VERY simply from very affordable products, and the result is always amazing! Everyone who tried this cake, always asking me for the recipe. Very convenient that the scales for products is not needed, everything is measured in a measuring Cup. A minimum of cost and effort, and in a few hours you have a wonderful dessert!

Ingredients for Chocolate cake

Step by step instruction of cooking Chocolate cake

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The cake in the cut, this time I made it with cottage cheese balls: 250 g cottage cheese (5% fat, not granular) mixed with 3 tbsp (no slides!) corn starch (can be potato starch), 50 g sugar, 50 g coconut flakes and 2 yolks. All is well stirred.

Wet hands formed balls about the size of a walnut, inside put the raisins in the chocolate and put into a form with baking paper, greased. And on top of the balls poured our chocolate dough.

Instead of balls on the bottom of the form to put the cherry jam or dried apricots, prunes (any filler, what You like). Very often prepare this cake without any fillers, the result is always very tender, delicious!

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Photo cake with cherries in their own juice. Cake covered chocolate cream purchase fast food, and on top of chocolate icing. This cake, no one will remain indifferent!

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3DES is well visible texture of the cake - very tender, moist!