"Gelato di riso"-ice cream from rice

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Italian ice cream, along with other Italian products known throughout the world. Or, better to say that Italian ice cream is THE BEST IN the WORLD! Why? Yes, simply because it is very tasty. A taste of Italian ice cream is not even discussed, because it is beautiful. Though tastes differ. Let me tell you about what actually is Italian ice cream and why it is the best in the world.

Ingredients for "Gelato di riso"-ice cream from rice

Step by step instruction of cooking "Gelato di riso"-ice cream from rice

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First you need to prepare two bases, rice and butter, well-chill. These operations are convenient to do at night to have a prepared base for ice cream is well cooled.
Prepare a creamy Foundation.
Yolks, 50ml milk good rubs.
Take 150 ml of milk 250 ml heavy cream (at least 20%, milk can replace cream 10%), add sugar and vanilla. Bring mixture to a boil. A thin stream, with constant stirring, enter the yolk mixture. Continuing to interfere, on very low heat uvarivaniem the mixture almost to a boil but do not allow to boil. Otherwise the egg yolks will curdle and the Foundation will have to redo it. Remove from heat and continue stirring in order to reduce the temperature.
Slightly cooled cream cover with cling film and transfer to a cool place.

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Butter cream is ready, start the rice basis.
Prepare a steam bath for boiling rice. In a saucepan pour 400 ml of milk and 100 g sugar, bring to a boil, put a pinch of salt and vanilla. Add well washed rice, bring to a boil while stirring and moving the pan with the rice in a water bath. Continue to cook the rice in a water bath under lid for about 40-50 minutes. When cooking rice, place a peel of lemon or lime to your taste.

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Both bases for ice cream is ready, cool, refrigerate at least 5 hours.
Rice-based need to wipe through a sieve or beat with a blender.

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Well chilled bases connected together, season to taste zest of lemon or lime, whisk until fluffy and even.

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Ice cream stabilizes the structure after 12 hours, so place a container with a tight fitting lid in the freezer at least 12 hours.

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To brighten the flavor of ice cream, prepare the sauce. Very well rice ice cream with mango, peach or raspberry. I used raspberries.
In a saucepan place the raspberries and sugar, heat to let the raspberry juice and the sugar has melted. Add a couple tablespoons of Amaretto liqueur or a Martini, hold on the fire for 1-2 minutes.

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Well, we are all set! Will try? Put on serving dish cookies, pour it with sauce of raspberry. For raspberry sauce hoisted a scoop of ice cream on top and pour the same sauce or chocolate topping!

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