Mussels in saffron rice with vegetables

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For thousands of years are collected mussels on the coast. Menu small coastal restaurants of Thessaloniki you can find many mussel dishes... This dish is consonant with Spanish paella, but nevertheless, it is original and unique!

Ingredients for Mussels in saffron rice with vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Mussels in saffron rice with vegetables

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I love Greek food, love, and anywhere I from this love no escape!
So a huge thank you to the international friendship, the cook and the friendly support in the face of LaRocco/stall... for rice from the company "Mistral"!

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Here is a set of products, but their features:
- saffron became popular in the Greek cuisine (Crete and Santorini) in 2 thousand BC! This spice is mentioned in the narratives of Homer.
- ouzo is a strong alcoholic drink, schnapps, flavoured with anise and fennel. Very popular in Greece. Is also used in cooking.

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These details and rules cleaning mussels can be gleaned from the recipe Tina's: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/688 69/
I bought already cleaned mussels in their own juice, so they are washed thoroughly and viewed that there are no open shells...

Carrots and zucchini cleaned, cut into strips, and onions and garlic - rings.

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Preheat a deep fryer (pot, saucepan, nonstick) with olive oil, fry the onion and garlic until light "Golden", add the carrots, a little fry together.

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Add the mussels and give them to protushitsya 5 min.

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Add the cubes of zucchini.

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Add the ouzo, wine, fish broth (I prefer pre-frozen), salt, pepper, Bay leaf. Simmer on low heat for 4-5 min.

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Add the washed raw rice, saffron.
Stirring constantly, cook over high heat about 10 min.

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See how they open up the shells in this wonderful Mediterranean "pilaf"!

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Bon appetit and happy memories of summer!