Rice "candy" fruit

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A very simple way to occupy kids and also their tasty and healthy food. And if coconut milk to produce their own, so generally a family day of fun! )))

Ingredients for Rice "candy" fruit

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice "candy" fruit

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For this recipe we need a short-grain rice. Rice Japonica from Mistral have proved to be excellent in the preparation of sushi, we will not change traditions, get him.

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Also, we need fruit ( I got mango and banana) and coconut milk. But once again, that extract milk from the coconut is much more fun than to buy it in the store))) the choice of course is yours.

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The rice rinse, pour water so that it covers the rice by about 1 cm bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook 7 minutes until water is absorbed.

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Add the rice, coconut milk, sugar, and cinnamon. Sugar can be adjusted according to your taste. To cook on small fire under the hood. Probably not even boil, and simmer until all the milk is absorbed. When the rice has cooled slightly, you can get to sculpting.

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Fruit cut into small pieces. Nuts grind. Sesame fry in a dry pan for 2 minutes. I used dry coconut flakes.

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Take a small ball of rice, replusive, put the filling and wrap. Hands you can periodically moisten with water.

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Here are kolobochki)

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Roll our "candy" in nuts, sesame, coconut, what you like. Ready!