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Kazakh sausage is the national dish of Kazakh cuisine. Prepared from meat of mutton, brains, rice and spices.

Ingredients for Mi-shuzhuk

Step by step instruction of cooking Mi-shuzhuk

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Wonderful dish Kazakh cuisine. Sausage is always delicious. Kazakhs in this dish add rice, and meat is preferable to take the lamb. But you can replace the beef, but the meat in the sausage add soaked beef brains. To my great regret, I buy the brain failed, but I want to tell you about this recipe, because this sausage is very tasty. Spices that you add in the mince, give spicy and aromatic sausages. Rice goes very well with meat and spices, making the dish self-sufficient. The brain has a delicate flavor, enrich the dish in taste.

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In minced meat add chopped brains, spices according to your taste and the rice. The rice company Mistral "Indica" very well suited for this dish. The stuffing should add water and spices that it resembled gruel, and refrigerate at least 3 hours.

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While the meat is in the fridge, prepare the gut. First of all they must be turned inside out, plenty of salt. Soak in salt for 15 minutes, and then rinse with cold water and clean the walls from the inner grease. They must remain absolutely clean and clear. This operation should be done gently the back of a knife..

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Everything is prepared, stuff the gut. The stuffing should not fill tightly, because the rice during cooking will increase and may rupture the shell. Form sausages with a length of 15 cm, with string tying up the ends. So when cooking sausage did not explode, and couples could go inside every sausage need to prick with a needle in several places.

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In a saucepan pour enough water, to sausage floating, bring to a boil. Put salt and spices according to your taste, onions, carrots and immerse the prepared Mi-shuzhuk. Bring slowly to the boil, turn the fire on so much that the water seethed and smoldered. Cook the sausages for 40 minutes, after this time, turn off the fire and leave in the broth for another 15 minutes.

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Ready Mi-shuzhuk remove from broth and serve with fresh vegetables. Very tasty sausages get when you fry in grease before serving.
Bon appetit!