Puree for the little ones

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When the house appears a baby, worries mommy very much, and with the introduction of feeding them becomes even more. You need to cook a little something delicious, but to save any unnecessary portions, after eaten will be quite a bit? Come to the aid freeze. I have a third child, and this method of storage of vegetable and meat purees learned recently. It is very convenient - cooked, frozen and a stock of food for the baby is always at hand.

Ingredients for Puree for the little ones

Step by step instruction of cooking Puree for the little ones

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VEGETABLE PUREE (entered 4 months.)
The process of making puree is extremely simple: vegetable or vegetable peel, shred, cook, cool, shred with a blender to the consistency of baby puree, put in ice trays, freeze. Then take desired amount of frozen "cubes" for one feeding and convenient way defrost. Describe the cooking process on the example of the carrot puree, but calmly can carrots replace with zucchini or carrots+zucchini, or pumpkin (the most useful and delicious product, quite unfairly left the table the majority of Russians). No salt and sugar, little about them is they do not know and eating and all that.
Take the vegetables, wash, peel, again well my. Zucchini sometimes suggest soaking for 20 minutes in the water, I did not bother.

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Next, grind the peeled vegetables (carrots rubbed on a grater, cut the zucchini in small cubes, pumpkin in larger pieces).
Put into a saucepan and fill with water about 1 cm above the vegetables.
Put on fire, bring to a boil and then simmer under closed lid on low heat until the vegetables are tender (about 40-50 mins, check by tablespoon, if pressing vegetables easy warm up, they are ready).

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Then slightly cooled (for a while just leave on the stove).
Drained from the pan liquid into a separate bowl (if you mash after grinding will be a little dry, add for desired consistency, remaining is a nutritious vegetable broth, which can be given to drink to the kid or cook it on the soup). Leave a little liquid in a pan and grind everything in a blender. Puree should resemble that of the jars (a little watery and absolutely no pieces), if necessary, add vegetable broth.