Meatballs stew

138 - 45 минут -

Very tasty and juicy, you can give children...

Ingredients for Meatballs stew

Step by step instruction of cooking Meatballs stew

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Scroll through the meat, onion, garlic through a meat grinder.
Break bread into pieces and soak in warm milk or water. Squeeze and add to the mince.

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Mince pepper and salt, add your favorite spices and to drive the eggs, stir. The beef is ready.

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Lepim patties: to stuffing did not stick to the hands, the hands are wetted with water.
Take the stuffing in the arm, in the middle put a slice of cheese (dill to taste), top closed by a stuffing.
To form patties and roll in breadcrumbs.

To freeze: lay the burgers on a Board and put into the freezer to harden when frozen, fold in the package and put it in the freezer.

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Chops fry both sides, folded in a large frying pan and fill halfway with water (you can fat, where they were roasted). Add Bay leaf, salt (a pinch). Cover, simmer 15 min.

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The broth can be used in the form of gravy.

Very tasty!

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