Cooking fat

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Salty bacon is not only delicious but also very useful product. It contains a large number of substances that beneficially affect different systems and organs. For example, arachidonic acid, which in excess is contained in lard, is the basis of cell membranes and is necessary for proper functioning of the liver, heart, brain. Pickle bacon at home is very simple, it even novice mistress. This requires quite a bit of time and effort, but the result will justify your efforts.

Ingredients for Cooking fat

Step by step instruction of cooking Cooking fat

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Thoroughly rinse the bacon under running water, with a knife scrape the dirt from the skin, dry.
On the bottom of the tank for pickling sprinkle coarse salt, chopped garlic, stir and spread a layer about 1 cm on Top of the garlic-salt mixture, place the prepared piece of bacon, turning the skin down. A good RUB on all sides with salt mixed with crushed garlic. Leave at room temperature for 6-12 hours.

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After that again RUB the fat with salt, cover and refrigerate.

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After 3 days the fat ready to eat food. Removing the layer of salt, the bacon can be cut into thin slices and serve.
For prolonged storage of salty bacon should be Packed in a plastic bag and put in the freezer.