Homemade kunafa dough and Kadayif

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Let's start with Arabic sweets Kunafa. Kunafa is different: with honey and nuts, with Manne and butter cream, and finally cheese. To prepare Kunafa requires special Kadayif dough. In large cities it is sold frozen in supermarkets. For those who (like me) are deprived of the opportunity to acquire Kadayif, share information, and how to cook it at home! The notion is not mine, peeked in the blog Lena (Leena cook).

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Ingredients for Homemade kunafa dough and Kadayif

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade kunafa dough and Kadayif

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In fact, preparing fresh pancake batter. I gave the figures-grams from Lena. But focus on your meal, I came up with a thickish batter, and I added the water. The dough should not be too thin, otherwise it is in the pan will spread and will not get thin "threads". Thoroughly mix the flour, water, salt and egg. The dough should be smooth, any lumps have no right to exist.

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The finished dough pour in the culinary envelope or stationery file. Make a tiny hole below the trickle of the dough was as thin as possible.

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Tolstoganova pan grease with vegetable oil and put on medium heat. Take our pound of dough and confidently "draw" thread.

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After 5-10sec remove our dried dough. And "draw" on the pan a new party.

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The dough is safely stored in the freezer. So it will not freeze the bar, I put it on a cutting Board in the freezer every half hour, stirred, and then placed in a plastic bag. To prepare kunafa shift the dough in the fridge for it to "away" and then in the recipe.

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Prepare syrup. Mix water and sugar. Add lemon juice and cardamom. Set on fire and ovarium 5-7 minutes.

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Kadayif dough should be crushed. You can tear it with your hands, but much easier to use processor. The chopped batter pour melted butter. Mix well, the dough should become.

Шаг 8

Take the form (not split!), in which we bake kunafa. I used a small cookie cutters, so to speak were served a La carte. Half of the dough and press it into shape.

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Sprinkle with chopped peanuts (reserve a little for decoration). Over the walnuts place raisins. Raisins, boiled onions and boiled milk – foods that I eat since childhood, under any circumstances, so I replaced the raisins into soaked dried apricots. I think the taste is not lost, from the dried apricots very nice acidity! The remaining half of dough spread on top of filling, pressing with your hands.

Шаг 10

Bake at 200C until Golden brown. Kunfu pour the hot syrup and leave to soak.

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Sweet? Yes. Calorically? Very. Good? Eerily! Despite the fact that it turned out hearty and I for once did not overcome their portion, the spacing between the tea parties were minimal)))