Lemon cream liqueur

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Crema di limone... And what are we all about food but about eating? :-) And what a delicious drink, which is also a lot in Italy??? I've so far only acquainted with Italian cuisine, but the recipe is sought out immediately. Girls and young people, offer an alternative to store-bought liqueurs - lemon cream liqueur. Quality - natural, cost - minimal, the taste is crazy, the mood is right, it is Italian! Recipe from Ella Martino.

Ingredients for Lemon cream liqueur

Step by step instruction of cooking Lemon cream liqueur

Шаг 1

Wash lemons and wipe dry.

Шаг 2

Easier to remove the zest with a peeler, I just gently miniature trowel clean off. Believe does not matter - then still drain. But to remove very carefully - only the yellow part.
Put the zest in a jar with a good lid, fill it with alcohol. I, of course, it is not. I added the same amount of good vodka. Strongholds for the ladies (especially non-drinker like me) is enough safely assure all of you :-0. Ella advises if you use vodka then pour in the milk less than 200 ml and less sugar then also. Close tight lid and put in a dark place for 4 days.

Шаг 3

After 4 days, get the jar, filtered through gauze, folded in several layers.

Шаг 4

Now boil the milk along with sugar. Here Ella recommends to use fresh milk and I had to take a normal store or even 1.5%. Add contents of vanilla bean. Have pokipala 2-3 minutes, stir all the time to not have stuck to the pan, let cool, and also filter (can be cereal like).
Now mix the lemon and alcohol mixture with the milk, pour it into the bottle and hide away. Store, by the way, Ella advises in the fridge, and then he can stand for several months. Drinking it is also only cold. But I, of course, and you can immediately try :-) the photo shoot is over, and it is impossible to resist! Sweet... sticky... our women!

Шаг 5

In General, I want to tell you that this drink is just amazing. I made a sample yet 1 liter, divide all of these in the beginning of the recipe ingredients by 4. The next batch will be more soulful girlish get-togethers and dreams about the fabulous Italy. But in fact, I have a girlfriend... Olga, when are you going to invite me to yourself?

Шаг 6

In Italy after the fall, such as ours.
In gold trees, no doubt
And leaves, falling down, come into a quiet waltz,
And whirl silently, wordlessly.

But well, I think it is different there
Slow and demure Goldilocks,
Floats in the air dress in the fields,
And like creates a wonderful tale.

How nice to sit with a glass of white liqueur
In the rattan chair near the house
Wrapped in a blanket your feet in warmth,
Gold under a spreading maple.

And silently regulate it and wonder to wait
To enjoy nature with affection,
After autumn watch and know exactly
That time freezes at the moment!