Agnolotti with Osso Bucco

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Ravioli - small square of dough with various fillings, are common in some areas of Italy. In fact it is one of the varieties of pasta, only with filling. In different cities and regions of Italy they slightly differ in form and size and have names. In the region of Piedmont is the "agnolotti". Analogue ravioli in Russian cuisine are pelmeni or vareniki.

Ingredients for Agnolotti with Osso Bucco

Step by step instruction of cooking Agnolotti with Osso Bucco

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The preparation of this dish, start with the toppings, because its preparation will take 3 hours.
Take all the spices - rosemary, Basil, black pepper and red thyme, place in a mortar, add salt and grind to a paste. If you are using dry herbs, add olive oil.

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To prepare the filling, use Ossobuco (marrowbone). To be clear, in Russian it - veal knuckle. Bathed with cold water, remove the film. Pinned with a knife to the entire surface of the meat. The more the better.

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Osso Bucco liberally RUB the mixture of herbs and RUB well into the slits you made with the knife. Put in a roasting pan in which the meat will be prepared.
Coarsely cut the carrots and onions.

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Put the roasting pan with meat on high heat and stir fry in olive oil. When the meat will appear from all sides are Golden, remove from fire, lay next to prepared vegetables, pour the meat with wine and put in a well-heated oven. You can add water, cover the meat with foil, reduce the heat to 100-120*C, forget about it for three hours.

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We now proceed to the preparation of the dough for our agnolotti. Take a mixture of flour, durum wheat, and the usual high quality mix, add a pinch of salt, eggs and yolks. Pour tablespoon of oil, if you need we can add a little water. Knead the dough a convenient way for you.

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Main dough, knead well so that it is not very elastic, but flexible. Wrap in a towel, cover the bowl and leave them there to ripen. Ripe dough will have multiple holes and will not stick to hands.

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Remove all the meat from the bone, remove the bone Osso Bucco bone fat, add to the meat.

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Scroll to the meat together with the vegetables through a meat grinder, add the grated boiled potatoes.

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Ready stuffing put salt and part of grated Parmesan. Mix well.

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All preparations are done, proceed to the modeling of the Agnolotti. I used the machine for cooking pasta. If you have no cars, nothing. The dough should roll out thinly into a long strip with a width of 10 cm

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Prepared the test strip, put the stuffing.

Шаг 12

The dough cover the filling, folding the strip in half.

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Cut, notched knife, as close as possible to the filling, the dough across the length of the strip with the filling. Between the filling, trying to remove air from inside, flatten the dough.

Шаг 14

And now curly with a knife cut the strip between the rolls, starting from the bend to the outlet.

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Place the finished agnolotti on a sieve, allow time to dry before cooking.
Boil in salted water for 3-4 minutes and spread on a serving plate.

Шаг 16

We have by this time cherry was parched and waiting in the wings.
They can be mashed and watered ready agnolotti as sauce.
And you can put integers, watering all released when roasting meat and cherry juice. Drizzle with olive and truffle oil. Sprinkle with grated Parmigiano.

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