The jellied beef

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Jelly. In anticipation of the New year, as always, there are many concerns, and often not enough time. Cooking in advance and freezing the Jelly eases the already busy preparing for the New year. And I wish that my beloved family will taste for the festive table, such a wonderful, gentle, rich jelly.

Ingredients for The jellied beef

Step by step instruction of cooking The jellied beef

Шаг 1

The processed offal and flesh of beef to wash.

Шаг 2

Cover with cold water (I do so: in a saucepan put the offal, meat and poured the water on 2 fingers for more). Put to boil at low boil for 4-6 hours (I have a pressure cooker, if there is no cooker, 7-8 hours). I add everything at once, it turns out no worse than if the pulp add 3 hours.
Determine the degree of readiness so that if falls off the bone offal, the soup is ready.
An hour before the end of cooking, add the peeled carrots and onions, salt. And at the end of cooking add the Bay leaf.

Шаг 3

Have svalivshihsya by-products to separate and discard the bones and cartilage. Everything else to scroll through a meat grinder and mixed with meat.

Шаг 4

Add the finely chopped garlic and black pepper

Шаг 5

Pour the strained broth. Keep it cold until fully cured. Then you can freeze it. Jelly well will lie until the New year!

Шаг 6

Very quick, tasty. Bon appetit!