Oyster mushrooms marinated

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This recipe appeared in our family by chance: mommy market had a conversation with a woman selling home grown oyster mushrooms. Since a few years marinated mushrooms that way. On the website there are similar recipes, but in my not so much vinegar.

Ingredients for Oyster mushrooms marinated

Step by step instruction of cooking Oyster mushrooms marinated

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In a saucepan (take usually aluminum) pour the water, all the spices wrapped in a bandage (this is in order then quietly to eat mushrooms, not to spit the pepper and Bay leaf) :-D thrown into the water, there is salt and sugar.

Wait until the water boils, and while cut to pieces (who likes what - and medium-sized, and small) mushrooms.

In boiling water pour oyster. Cook for 20 minutes (this recipe - I usually cook for about 15 minutes).

Do not worry that the water will not cover the mushrooms - they settle, but can be divided into two cooks. Then pour the vinegar. Cook for another 5 minutes. Throw "cocoon" of spices.

Voila, the mushrooms are ready. Can be squashed.

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Can be directly on the table (and add onion and mayonnaise - in the first case is not yet stirred), you can cool and in the salad.

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In the second - mixed.
Bon appetit!

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