Berry mashed with sugar

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I remember as a child when I was visiting on summer vacation with my grandmother, she treated me to her homemade jam. I especially liked the strawberry. And when I left, she gave a couple of jars of jam with them. And then the chilly autumn evenings we drank tea with grandma's jam and remember the summer... And now I cook jam from my childhood.

Ingredients for Berry mashed with sugar

Step by step instruction of cooking Berry mashed with sugar

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Berries to sort, wash in cold water and gently sprinkle it on polotnyanuyu cloth to dry. Then put in an enamel bowl and cover with sugar.

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Then take a wooden pestle and start to pound the berries with sugar. You can, of course, are for speed and blender, but it will not. Moreover, in contact with metal, some vitamins will be lost. So, it is better the old fashioned way.

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Once all well mixed, cover the bowl with a lid and let stand for 2-3 hours.

Шаг 4

Once the sugar is completely dissolved, put in scalded with boiling water jars, cover them with thick paper and tie tightly.
In any case, do not close the jars with plastic caps!

Шаг 5

Store in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf towards the back.